Kinship Placements

Kinship Families

Kinship relative caregivers have been taking care of family for centuries. In the case of Child Welfare, Kinship Caregivers are essential to positive permanency of children who are placed In the care of Child Protective Services.  Research has shown us  that children who are placed within their families of origin have outcomes that are much better than when they are placed with a foster family. 

"Family is not an important thing. It is everything"


Getting your foster license can help offset costs

If you are a family member, caring for children that have an open CPS case. You have landed in the right spot. Many relative placement homes are in need of support in numerous areas; monetarily, physically, and emotionally.

You may be eligible to get your foster license. When you become a licensed foster parent, you are approved to receive a payment that far exceeds what you receive as a kinship placement. Not only that, but you will have the support of a casemanager and quicker access to support for needs that may come up while caring for children.

If you currently have children in your home, with an open CPS case, and you have not received a foster care license, or are interested in learning more about how to get one, click the button below to complete the form and someone will contact you soon!

I am a Kinship Caregiver

Benefits to Getting Your Foster License

  • 1
    Financial Support
  • 2
    Mental Health Resources
  • 3
    One-on-One Support
  • 4
    Access to Trainings
  • 5
    Adoption Prep
  • 6
    Crisis Intervention

Don't have an open CPS case, but you are a relative caregiver and need support?