Helping Hand Home

Our Foster Care and Adoption Program provides basic and therapeutic care for boys and girls birth to 17 throughout Austin and the surrounding areas. HHH was founded on the principle of providing safe and loving homes for children, a principle that remains true to this day. We have a small team committed to providing children homes where they can heal and grow while also ensuring our foster and adoptive parents are supported and valued. We provide quality training and 24 hour on-call support by trained staff that every parent knows and trusts. We also provide qualified childcare for biological, adopted, and foster children during annual training events. We value our parents and honor them with two days of paid respite per foster child monthly.

Our parents are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet all basic or therapeutic needs. For parents interested in providing care for therapeutic children, we place emphasis on transitioning children from our residential treatment center to our foster and adoptive homes. This transitions allows the parents and children to establish relationships while also providing opportunities for the children to maintain connections with the direct care staff that initially helped them heal and transition to a home setting. Children in our agency are provided continuous guidance from contracted therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.