CK Family Services

CK Family Services is a ministry-focused Christian agency which serves 11 counties in Region 7 (McClennan, Bosque, Bell, Hill, Falls, Limestone, Coryell, Mills, Lampasas, Hamilton and Freestone) and the Region 3/Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our belief that some promises should never be broken fuels our passion for providing foster care and adoption services for at-risk children. Our families provide both basic and therapeutic care and we are always seeking to grow our partnership with Christian families that can provide a stable and nurturing environment in which children can experience the love of Christ.

At CK Family Services, we offer individualized support for our families and children through regular contact with experienced clinical staff, consultation with our staff psychologist, and through on-going prayer support and we have the ability to meet all of your needs for training, case management, and support. We deliver high quality, innovative training to prepare and equip families with the best parenting strategies and interventions for children who have experienced trauma. CK Family Services works closely with CPS to reunify children with their birth family, when possible, and we are also proud to have helped more than 1500 children who needed a forever family find adoptive homes. In addition, CK Family Services is honored to be able to partner with relatives and kinship caregivers who have the consent of CPS to pursue foster care and adoption. CK Family Services is excited to be able to guide these families to complete the licensing process in order to finalize adoption.

Treatment Foster Care: CK Family Services provides Treatment Foster Care in Region 7. Treatment Foster Care places the most vulnerable children in Central Texas in committed, equipped, and supported families, where they feel safe so that they can heal and learn to trust. Helping the children in the program learn to self-regulate, with reunification or placement for adoption are evidence of successful completion. Treatment Foster Care requires at least ONE Stay at Home Parent and for that reason will reimburse a higher Foster Parent Rate than Traditional Care. Please contact CK Family Services to learn about this Innovative, yet specialized program and become an integral part of a child’s life.

"For in you the fatherless find compassion," Hosea 14:3