Caring Hearts for Children

Our Mission:
To be the provider of choice for child-placement services.

Philosophy of Care:
CHFC’s philosophy of care is child-centered.  CHFC realizes that each child is an individual which requires a specialized plan of care to meet his or her individual needs.  CHFC will consider a child’s strengths, as well as needed areas of improvement to help each child reach his or her potential.

The goal of CHFC is to become the child-placing agency of choice, and to prepare each child for success in their current environment as well as in their future lives as they work toward becoming productive adults.  CHFC recognizes the significant responsibility that they have in shaping the lives of those with whom they are entrusted. CHFC encourages and will work with each child to reach his or her full potential socially, educationally, medically, behaviorally and spiritually.

Caring Hearts for Children is a non-profit agency that was licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) in 2010.  We provide child-placing, assessment, and transitional living services to children placed in care by the DFPS.  We serve boys and girls, ages 0-18 with service levels of Basic, Moderate or Specialized. CHFC is funded by DFPS and private donations.