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11000 Plumewood Dr Ste. 300

Austin, 78750

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Fostering Hope Austin

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Fostering Hope Austin supports adoptive and foster families by providing trauma-informed care training and mentoring so that they can experience hope for their families and healing for their children. We are not a child-placing agency but we mentor people in deciding how they can best serve in the adoption and foster care community by answering tough questions and recommending a variety of resources. We believe strongly in collaborating with organizations and churches so that families can be supported and everyone can find a place to serve in the foster care system.

We offer monthly Lunch and Learns in English and Spanish, deep-dive courses in trauma-informed care, multi-agency foster care babysitting certification, and conferences. We also work with churches and individuals to discover how they are best suited to serve foster care children and families.

  • “…fostering is about more than kids.  It's about caring for the biological family and having compassion for their circumstances.”


  • “We need people that are willing to go the extra mile. Just having someone that we can call and talk to when we are having a bad day or someone just to have as an emergency contact.”


  • “The growth that has happened in the six weeks we've had the kids is huge. It motivates us to keep going.”


  • “It's hard work but immensely rewarding. Fostering is the best thing I'm ever going to do in my life.”