Joint Childcare Certification for Foster Families

May 4, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
For the City Center
500 E. St. Johns Avenue
TX 78752
$20 registration; $37 background
Fostering Hope Austin

Attend one training. Get certified with multiple agencies. Offer babysitting to foster families.

No refunds are provided, no childcare provided on training day. Lunch is provided.

In brief overview, the entire process will include:

Register online ($20) for a ticket to the Training Day and decide if you need a TB test on training day. TB testing is a 2 step process. The test is administered on May 4 by Remedy Staff. The test results must be checked in person by Remedy staff 48 hours later. The quick test reading will be done between 11a-6 at For the City Center on May 6.

Round 1: Register on Eventbrite and fill out the application for a background check. The application will be sent to you immediately in your Eventbrite confirmation email. Scroll down the Eventbrite confirmation email, fill out that application and email it to one agency!

Round 2: You’ll receive an email to schedule your fingerprint appointment AFTER submitting your application. You will also have several documents to collect before the training day.

Round 3 is Saturday, May 4th, 2019 training day. Bring 3 copies of all your documents with you. After all the requirements are met, your agency(ies) will approve your certification.

Please purchase one ticket for each participant for training.

* Background check fee ($37) will be required at time of fingerprinting.


What is the date and time for Training Day?
Saturday, May 4th from 9a-2:30p at For The City Center. Lunch is provided. Your day may be shorter if you have been certified in CPR in the past 6 months. 

Who are the 11 agencies that are part of the joint certification?
Circles of Care, CPS, Depelchin, Giocosa, Helping Hand Home, Pathways, PCHAS, SAFE, STARRY, Settlement Home and Upbring. Fostering Hope Austin coordinates and trains. Thank you to all these partner agencies!

The agency I want to babysit for is not on the list. Can they join the collaboration now?

Not for this first round of training. We were not trying to be exclusive; we just needed to start somewhere and this group was already working together.

Why are you asking people to choose only 3 agencies if there are 11 agencies in the collaboration? All 11 agencies have agreed on the same requirements. However, it didn’t seem like a good idea for anyone to be called by 11 different agencies for a babysitting request. Three choices gives you flexibility but still keeps you from getting over-run by requests. You can add other agencies within a year if you choose to work with another agency.

How much will it cost?
There are some set fees: $20 for registration + a bit extra for online processing fees and fingerprinting for $37/person paid to the State’s fingerprinting company. Fostering Hope Austin seeks out grants and donors to cover the CPR costs and TB testing costs. 

Who has to get background checked?

Anyone who is 14 years or older who lives in the home can be asked to be background checked. If a person will ever be the primary caretaker of a foster child (be left alone with the child), they must be certified with the background check and training. (ex. Parent in the house gets certified and they will be responsible for the foster child. An 18-year-old son or daughter in the home needs only to be background checked, but they cannot be left alone with the foster child.)

What is a Paperwork Guide?
Paperwork Guides (PGs) are FHA volunteers who know the babysitting process and the foster care system. Each babysitter going through certification will be assigned a PG who will be in touch on occasion to answer any questions and help through the first few steps. They will be available for as little or as much as needed as the babysitter goes through the different steps along the way.


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